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The Ambassador Club is Detroit’s largest youth leadership development organization.  Focused on the development and promotion of academic excellence, positive personal values and community responsibility; the Ambassador Club is a symbol of scholarship, and a commitment to lead a drug free lifestyle.

As an Ambassador Club member teens have a city-wide support network that helps them avoid the pit falls that lead to:

        Stunted social skills
        Loss of ambition & self – esteem
        Submission to negative peer pressure
        Experimenting with alcohol, tobacco and drugs
        Teen Pregnancy
        Gang Participation
        Dropping out of school
        A lack of preparedness for college
        A lack of preparedness to join the workforce
        Computer illiteracy
        Financial illiteracy

Each year drug free youth ( DFYID ) in schools across Detroit select club leadership to lead school activities and participate in the planning of a range of city-wide enrichment programs that promote “the values of the Ambassador” which are symbolized by the Club Coat of Arms:

    The Eagle a symbol of “One who is Ambitious”
    The Crown a symbol of “One who is Articulate”
    The Castle a symbol of “One who is Responsible”
    The Lion a symbol of “One who is Goal Oriented”

Club activities include a range a leadership workshops and field trips designed to broaden each member’s horizon and support personal improvement goals that have identified alone, and a goal they have mutually agreed to work on together with their parent, guardian or mentor.  Central to accomplishing the goal is participation in “Power of Choice” programming.

Whether it is a visit to the White House, State Capital, halls of higher learning, or to the offices of “captains of commerce & industry”; Ambassador Club members share a unique and exciting experience which unifies them in their pursuit of higher education and directs them toward a successful future.

To enroll in the Ambassador Club please complete and return the application.

Ambassador Club Crest of Leadership

The Eagle - Ambitious

The Crown - Articulate

The Castle - Responsible

The Lion - Goal Oriented


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