The Black Caucus Foundation of Michigan’s Institute for Leadership Development & Career Advancement is a reliable resource available to corporations seeking to train executives, managers and key suppliers how to navigate the waters of diversity management.

As a business leader you have a great responsibility and challenge to set an example for your peers and employees to model. That is not always easy, particularly when you’re not too sure whether you are equipped with the knowledge and skill to lead. However, logging on to this site is an indication of a key characteristic of leadership; the continuous desire to seek and share knowledge. Diversity training through the Institute for Leadership Development & Career Advancement is an opportunity to increase your interpersonal, human resource, marketing, political, intercultural and societal knowledge and skills in a manner which will help you become a more effective leader; and make your community a better place to live.

Successful leadership can only be accomplished through the building of productive interpersonal relationships. One of the most valuable tools for the achievement of success in human relations is obtaining an understanding of, and appreciation for diversity. The goal of the Institute’s diversity training is to help you with both. Through our modules and workshops you will learn from academic and corporate professionals the nuisances associated with both managing and, failing to manage diversity. Through their experiences you will learn how diversity impacts their environment and yours. You will be challenged to ask yourself whether you are uncomfortable being around those who are unlike you, and whether you are taking full advantage of what you can learn from others who are different.

If you are uncomfortable with things you may be feeling about diversity or race, don’t suppress that feeling and pretend it does not exist. Through exploration of those feelings during Institute programming and asking the hard questions, together we will build a bridge between those feelings and constructive growth. We’ll help you gain a greater respect and appreciation of what must be done in order for you become comfortable enough to celebrate and build on differences. We know that as you learn to value differences, opportunities for new ideas and innovations will abound.

Forty-seven percent of all new wealth is the result of innovation; and innovation is driven by diversity. That’s why we all must learn how to build a future based on differences. Without diversity there can be no innovation, without innovation there can be no wealth. Therefore, diversity is an important key to creating wealth for us all. Our country’s standard of living, and greatest years of economic progress are our best examples.

Through a series of program modules, your corporate team members will learn how to:

• Understand the politics of race, diversity and empowerment
• Be comfortable interfacing with individuals or groups of color
• Establish and implement and evaluate a diversity policy
• Discuss race and diversity in a “no fault” manner
• Implement a culture which fosters employee and supplier diversity
• Identify and access natural ethnic markets and relationships for development
• How to recruit, support and mentor employees and suppliers of color
• How to gage and change community opinion relative corporate image and race
• Challenge, lead, discipline and terminate without racial backlash

Courses are offered at Foundation facilities or can be arranged on-site for corporate groups of 15 or more. Executive Workshops focused on current and emerging trends and issues associated with racial politics, ethnic marketing, and corporate community relations strategies and conducted quarterly.