The Black Caucus Foundation of Michigan is a non-profit, non-partisan tax exempt organization that works in collaboration with elected officials, government agencies and universities to provide research support and information on public efforts which serve to enhance educational, employment and economic development opportunities for Michigan’s minority and disadvantaged populations.  One of the ways the Foundation achieves its goals is through the cooperative administration of its Domestic and International Fellowship programs.  Second, third and fourth year college students, as well as graduate students are selected on a competitive basis to participate in public and private sector, domestic and international research assignments and field placements.

As the Foundation, we know that many of the impediments to an improved quality of life for Michigan’s minority and disadvantaged citizens are a result of under representation in the workplace.  We also know that although a portion of this problem is the result of institutional racism.  There is a portion of the problem that exists because of the limited access employers have to polls of viable applicants of color.  Through the Foundation Fellows Programs, elected officials, corporations and government agencies are provided with access to gifted applicants seeking to supplement their formal education with actual career experience.

Foundation Students interns are recruited on a competitive basis from the Michigan university system.  Intern selection is based upon prior academic performance, their understanding of the objectives of the program, and the nature and requirements of the intern assignments offered by the sponsoring individuals, agencies or companies.  Preferences are given to students who have assumed a leadership role at their university, completed the Drug Free Youth in Detroit Modules, and have actively recruited fellow college students in to the Ambassadors Club.  The internships are typically for a period of one academic quarter or semester; and all students are required to complete a research paper on a topic jointly approved by the university, the Foundation and the sponsor within the thirteen week academic period.  In addition, undergraduate students are typically granted 12 academic credits upon successful completion of the program; and graduate students hours are granted based on the research complexity model approved by university.

Undergraduate students are provided with a stipend of not less than $1,300 for the academic period to help defer basic expenses such as transportation and search engine costs; while the typical stipend for graduate students begins at $3,250.

Global Leadership stipends range from $6,000 - $12,000, and students must demonstrate procession of the basic foreign language skills to successfully complete their international assignment.

Through submission of a cover letter of interest, resume and transcript; students may apply for acceptance and placement in one of four programs:

•    Legislative Intern Program
•    Government Agency Intern Program
•    Domestic Corporate Intern Program
•    International Global Leadership Program

Submissions should be mailed to:

Black Caucus Foundation Fellows Program
Attn:  Honorable K.B. Stallworth, PhD
1001 Woodward Ave., Suite 1110
Detroit, Michigan  48226