Are you ready for the Ambassador Club?

The Ambassador Club is Detroit’s largest youth leadership development organization. Focused on the development and promotion of academic excellence, positive personal values and community responsibility; the Ambassador Club is a symbol of scholarship, and a commitment to lead a drug free lifestyle.

The Eagle

A symbol of “One who is Ambitious”.

The Castle

A symbol of “One who is Responsible”.

The Crown

A symbol of “One who is Articulate”.

The Lion

A symbol of “One who is Goal Oriented”.

Ambassador Club 

As an Ambassador Club member teens have a city-wide support network that helps them avoid the pit falls that lead to:

Stunted social skills
Loss of ambition & self-esteem
Submission to negative peer pressure
Experimenting with alcohol, tobacco and drugs

Teen Pregnancy
Gang Participation
Dropping out of school

A lack of preparedness for college
A lack of preparedness to join the workforce
Computer illiteracy
Financial illiteracy

Each year drug free youth ( DFYID ) in schools across Detroit select club leadership to lead school activities and participate in the planning of a range of city-wide enrichment programs that promote “the values of the Ambassador”.

Club activities include a range a leadership workshops and field trips designed to broaden each member’s horizon and support personal improvement goals that have identified alone, and a goal they have mutually agreed to work on together with their parent, guardian or mentor.  Central to accomplishing the goal is participation in “Power of Choice” programming.

Whether it is a visit to the White House, State Capital, halls of higher learning, or to the offices of “captains of commerce & industry”; Ambassador Club members share a unique and exciting experience which unifies them in their pursuit of higher education and directs them toward a successful future.